Committed to health improvement

Initiatives that make a practical difference

Our social responsibility programme

Since 2007, Skilled Medical has donated over $160,000 to support and fund various medical and community initiatives aimed at improving the quality of Australian health and community services especially in regional and rural areas.

As a donor organisation, we take an active role in working with recipient organisations to identify funding needs and help achieve positive outcomes.

Our ongoing commitment to fund projects supports our firm's service role, the role of medical professionals and the work of the clients and communities we serve.

To view how Skilled Medical is seeking to make a difference, please click the links below to view details on some of the projects we support:

- Management of Burn Injuries Project - The Alfred Foundation and Victorian Adult Burns Service

- Annual Award for the Advancement of Indigenous Health - The University of NSW Medical School

- Care for Caring Refugee Employment Program – Brotherhood of St. Laurence Melbourne





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